Printed in La Voz de Michoacan newspaper, 15 July 2013

Laguna de las Salinas is contaminated, new city proposal hopes to stop using it for concerts, clean it up

The flora and fauna that surrounds the Salinas lagoon is being impacted due to the activities carried out in that place.


Migratory birds come there to shelter in the mangroves, marine species also reproduce and the trees serve as a natural filter for polluted waters.


The lagoon covers at least three hectares (7.5 acres) in downtown Zihuatanejo and has been getting notice because if its pollution, a proposal is now being made to rescue the environment.


Municipal Director of Ecology and Environment, Lizeth Tapia Castro, stated that an initiative was being presented to the City Council to prevent the area surrounding the lagoon, Las Salinas, being used as a social center and to discontinue doing activities there that pollute the area.


Tapia Castro stated that both social events and commercial activities carried out in the vicinity impact the environmental with pollution, generating solid waste and noise, which affects the biodiversity as well as the human population.


She said that the place was used for fairs, circuses, dances and concerts that generate noise and garbage. In addition, due to the lack of sanitation services and public bathrooms, people defecate and urinate outdoors.


The municipal official assured that the Mayor took the proposal very seriously and assured it will be put for consideration before the Council.