“With beautiful scenery, colorful characters and a wealth of regional anecdotes, this is travel writing at its most entertaining.”

Feeding Frenzy : Across Europe in Search of the Perfect Meal
by Stuart Stevens

Forbes calls it, “The ultimate foodie road trip,” and that’s exactly what it is.

Friends, Stuart and Rat are obsessed with fine dining and after reading this, you will be too. Michelin guide in hand, they decide to embark on the eating journey of a lifetime. If they can hit all 29 of Europe’s 3 star restaurants in 29 days, the trip is free.

In a cherry-red 1965 1/2 Mustang convertible, Stuart, Rat and the Dog dash across England, Belgium, Germany, Italy and France in the elusive search for gustatory perfection. What follows is a witty and entertaining food odyssey complete with mishaps, set backs, laugh out loud humor and some of the most mouth watering descriptions of food, 99% of the world will never get to eat. A front row seat at the International War for Michelin Stars and a personal tour through the most celebrated kitchens of Europe. Complete with a fascinating history of fine dining from the masters of the field, recipes to die for (if only you can pronounce them) and glorious descriptions of Europe’s extravagant Food Palaces.

Not only for foodies and educated connoisseurs, this book is about the journey. With beautiful scenery, colorful characters and a wealth of regional anecdotes, this is travel writing at its most entertaining. For all the road trip wander lusters out there who would take any excuse to hit the road in search of something, anything. Even if you don’t know what foie gras is or you’ve never eaten in a Michelin 3 star, you can still appreciate this man’s love of eating.

Feeding Frenzy is great jealousy inspiring fun, it makes me want to go to France and eat. Eat things I’ve never heard of, but I’m sure must be delicious. Makes me feel horribly inadequate but hungry and inspired. Do you think its possible to center an entire vacation around food and the absolute joy of eating? I think its worth a try… but as a knowledge of French is almost mandatory in the world of fine dining menu reading, perhaps a road trip in search of the perfect al pastor is more my cup of tea. VW Bug convertible barreling across Mexico (and topes), a weathered Lonely Planet guide book bouncing in the back seat, the smell of cebollitas beckoning around every turn… Who wants to go?!

-April 2000