We have it all this month and we must be the envy of other world wide fishing hotspots. Here it is December, the middle of winter, and we are catching blue marlin, giant yellowfin tuna, sailfish, and dorado.


Most of the marlin are being taken with a live 2 to 3 pound barrilete (black tuna), the sailfish and dorado are being caught by trolling a “split tail” cut bait, and the giant tuna are taking mostly live bait. The giant tuna are averaging 200 pounds and are out about 20 miles on a 210º heading.


The inshore action is fantastic for the light line specialist. Jack cravelle (jurel), barriletes, chulas (a 3 to 5 pound white meated tuna), and small yellowfin tuna are all available at the White Rocks near Pototsi, the Solitary Rock at the entrance to Zihuatanejo bay, and out in front of the Westin.

All of the fish are coming from less than 200 feet of water and are hitting trolled Rapalas and hootchies, with live bait being the most productive.

-December 2000