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Uruapan, Michoacan - a city of Festivals

Uruapan, Michoacan – a city of Festivals

All year long there are festivals occurring in Uruapan. The two most noteworthy and that fill the hotels are; Noche de Muertos (Night of the Dead) and Semana Santa (Holy Week) The first is November 1 and the second is Holy Week. Michoacan is the center of the part pagan, part Christian celebration of Noche...

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Mexico's Fighting IRISH

Mexico’s Fighting IRISH

“From the great gales of Ireland / Are the men that God made mad / For all their wars are merry / And all their songs are sad.” – G.K. Chesterton For the United States Army they were more hated than the vilest enemy soldier — traitors, deserters, defectors. They are best forgotten. For Mexicans...

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